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About Us

Our Shop
With Italian tiles, English style copper ceiling fan and curved wooden designs, MG Cafe has taken a traditional English coffee house as its muse. Each and every Italian d’ANCAP coffee cup are hand-painted and unique, along with our remade Proroaster roasting machine from Korea. We hope every customer can have their most exquisite coffee moment here.

Our Food
Our shop provides mostly light refreshments. Our chef, with over 20 years of experience and who have served in Gaia, will delight you with thin-crusted handmade pizza, pasta, baked photos, salad, sandwiches etc. Our variety of desserts is freshly made every day, with their flavour especially tuned to match our coffee so that you can double your enjoyment each time.

Our Bean
We have especially chosen Don Pepe and Lerida coffee beans from Panama. Blended with our homemade beans, we brew tailor-made coffee with its unique floral and honey aroma, impressive fruitiness and fragrant aftertaste.

Our Machine
We use the coffee machine La Marzocco GB5 3 Groups which is not only high in performance and stability, but also one in a kind. Its double boiler and compressor can fully develop the perfect coffee.

Our Barista
MG Cafe baristas have all received coffee brew training and international accreditation from Hong Kong’s Coffee Pro, the only organization accredited by Specialty Coffee Association of America and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe. Each cup of coffee brewed by our baristas is of the utmost standard.

Our Spirit
The Meiji fresh milk we added gives our coffee a smooth and delicate texture. Our baristas enjoyed the Latte Art tradition and made them appear delicately on every cup of coffee. We hope you “see” that our baristas are all serious and professional when it comes to coffee brewing.

Our Cup
We procure hand-painted d’ANCAP coffee cup from Italy, where every stroke, every dash of colour and every picture is unique and one of its kind. These coffee cups with excellent artistry can better enhance our coffee’s delicacy. Interested customers can approach us to place special orders for the coffee cup collection.

Our Leather
We showcase the leather products of local designer Hui Manchuen, handmade for every single stitch. While the styles are simplistic without lavish designs, the artistry is delicate and only materials with excellent standard are chosen. Coffee and leather art, while seemingly unrelated at first sight, are both about the pursuit of excellence and a tasteful way of living. They complement each other in harmony.