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Miriam Yeung Miriam Yeung, renowned actor and singer
Kristal Tin Kristal Tin, TV celebrity
Julian Cheung Chi-Lam Cheung Chi-Lam, TV celebrity
Chow Yiu Fai, Kitty Yuen Chow Yiu Fai, renowned lyrics writer; Kitty Yuen, Radio DJ
Karena Lam Karena Lam, renowned movie star
Chin Kar Lok Chin Kar Lok, action movie star
Tracy Chu Tracy Chu, second runner-up of 2012 Miss Hong Kong
Louis Koo Louis Koo, renowned actor and singer
Leila Tong Leila Tong, TV celebrity
Lam Shuk Man Lam Shuk Man, TV celebrity
Ben Wong Ben Wong, TV celebrity
A new favourite for Hong Kong television and movie shooting With its unique decoration, the Cafe has become a new favourite for TV and movie shooting
Geoffrey Wong Geoffrey Wong, TV celebrity
Janet Chow Janet Chow, TV celebrity
David Lo David Lo, TV celebrity
Angel Chiang Angel Chiang, TV celebrity